'About' Portrait 2012I bring my experience of many years of Soul-searching in many personal growth settings including a Person-Centred  Counselling Skills Course ( Metanoia London ) and an awareness of how the energies in which we live impact on our lives. This can include the messages we take-in, and beliefs we adopt, often unconsciously.

Having spent over 20 years in the Advertising World working for some of the biggest Communications agencies in London ( including five and a half years at Saatchi and Saatchi London ), I certainly have an insight into how communication can be used for good or not, what motivates people, what makes people ‘tick’, and why people sometime align to energies that aren’t healthy.

I now bring all this experience to bare into the coaching arena to help you decide ‘what makes you tick’, and to look at what may be getting in the way of achieving ‘healthy holistic success’.

I’m aware that coaching is still a relatively un-regulated sector ( many ‘coaches’ can get a certificate after only doing a couple of days course ! ), which is why I chose to study a fully accredited University and now ICF – Approved Course ( ICF is the International Coaching Federation ). The course was run by Kim Morgan who was awarded “Coach of the Year 2012”, and the course is endorsed by the NCP ( National Council of Psychotherapists ).