In the Workplace

The Business case for Coaching and Mentoring.

Much has been written on this subject but for the purposes of this website, coaching and mentoring is increasingly being seen as the norm in a whole array of organizations to provide ‘An oasis of clarity’ on anything that the client wants to bring up, and on either existing goals, or to identify the right goals to pursue.

Naturally coaching and mentoring’s provision of a safe space in which to explore can therefore provide an invaluable setting to pause for thought, and hopefully avert many business/personal follies.

Obviously burnout is bad for not only the individual but the organisation, so it’s clear that preventing it makes sound financial sense.

If you want to read up about the business case made for Coaching in business in the relation to Return on Investment, a good place to start is the following White Paper written for The European Coaching Institute: ‘The Benefits of Coaching in Business:

Much more to come on this subject in time, but I leave you with the following two quotes taken from the People Management Article “Core Values”

“Wellness is not just some woolly fad about installing new gyms and ensuring there are carrots on the staff canteen menu…Its about better management, improving the productivity of the business and ensuring individuals are able to perform- and want to perform- to their full potential”.

“Happy Staff are 125% more productive and much less likely to be ill and take time off work”.


Lifestyle and Stress Management.


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In this ever-busier lifestyle that most people lead, Coaching and Self-Care Mentoring can provide the oasis of calm and an opportunity to get clearer about things, put things into perspective, get into better habits, and become more authentic. It follows that the more inner harmony we have within us, the more centered we’ll be and this will therefore lead to better decisions. This will naturally have a knock-on effect for others, whether at work, in one’s team, family or wherever.