With ‘Holistic Coaching’ you can:

  • Gain more clarity.
  • Have space to explore issues and options in safety.
  • Increase your efficiency, confidence and resilience.
  • Re-connect with your well-being and self-care with truly healthy goals.
  • Address stress and anxiety. 

I coach with the highest integrity and with the awareness that possible undiagnosed traits could be present such as dyslexia / M.E. / chronic fatigue / AD(H)D and ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ issues.

Why Coaching? ,,,, And why ‘Holistic’?

Holistic Coaching can help you to become aware of what’s truly driving you, or holding you back…

That includes thoughts, behaviors, habits, all forms or ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’, culture and an array of social pressures. Without complete awareness one might not be making conscious decisions as we can easily be seduced by these factors into unhealthy behaviours and goals. This can not only affect our health but our work and relationships. As The Holistic Success Coach, I coach with this in mind, creating a safe space and the conditions for the truly healthy way forward to emerge.

There are a huge number of coaching approaches and techniques, but whichever I use, I always coach with a Holistic Approach as my approach to ‘Holistic Success’ is all about being abundant on all levels and not just looking at wealth-creation or performance for its own sake. What’s the point of getting from point A to point B if you’re completely exhausted when you get there, or worse, ill?… so the Holistic Coaching approach has to include health and well-being as an important factor in any truly successful enterprise. ‘You’ are the all-important hub of your life or business and without a clear and healthy ‘You’, things are likely to fall apart in the long run.


Unlike many coaches, I hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching from Chester University. I’ve coached a whole array of clients from Actors to Human Resources Personnel, Health Practitioners to Managers, Musicians and so on.

I can also work with you to address many areas including Stress / Anxiety / Negative Self-talk / Lack of motivation and so on, but generally I aim to work with you to create more ease, flexibility and possibility, and help you create the conditions for you to be ‘The most authentic ‘You’ you can be’. ‘You’ are the all important hub of your life, relationships or business and therefore you deserve time, space and attention.

I coach mainly in London but can travel, or do phone / Skype sessions.

If you’d like to explore a little further, please send me a message with a brief summary of the area / areas you feel you might want to focus on at:


I’m also happy to clarify anything with you on the phone.

With Best Wishes.

Andrew. / PG-Cert. (Chester) U.K. Business and Personal Coaching.


The Post-Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching Course run by Barefoot Coaching is approved by Chester University, The National Council of Psychotherapists and the International Coaching Federation ( I.C.F. )